🗓️ Date 3/29/24

⏰ Time 10:50-11 a.m.

The WIDS Tucson Data Blitz sessions will be short (3-minute) talks from members of the WIDS community. A slide template will be provided - you just need to tell us about your exciting work!

We will have a morning session and, if needed, an additional afternoon session. Within each session, attendees will vote on their favorite talks. This will be a low-stakes opportunity to get recognition for your presentations!

Talk Title Speaker
Predicting the health outcomes from genome sequence Sadaf Raoufi
Integrating Genetics and Machine Learning to Understand ALS Susceptibility Martha Bhattacharya
AI driven cyber physical systems in safety Nathalie Risso
Patient sentiment: an emerging measure of pain-related mental state using language AI Koeun Lim
Less Sleep During the Wake Cycle After Repeated Closed Head Injury Kyli McQueen
Ethical Data Mining- Deciphering Social Media Sentiments with NLP & GenAI Aditi Pala
An Analysis of Flight Delays in New York City from 2013 Stephanie Marbella
Using DNA from Water to Study Endangered Sharks Eldridge Wisely
Development of Cohort Analytics Kristi Manasil
A Bayesian Gaussian Graphical Model with Embedded Dirichlet Process Mixture Model Approach to Estimating Neural Functional Connectivity Julia Fisher
Extracting geographic names as wikidata entities from scientific article abstracts using zero-shot learning Sarah Bratt
Feel Flows Ava Naffah
Using genomic data to conserve native species Lanie Galland