1:20pm Room A - Hydrologic Modeling at the Continental Scale: Exploring the Role of Data Science in Discovery and Innovation

My research is focused on improved understanding of the dynamics of large scale hydrologic systems. In the last five years, high-resolution physically based groundwater surface water simulations have become feasible at the national scale due to computational and modeling advances. These large scale simulations have facilitated novel quantifications of groundwater surface water interactions as well as the contribution of lateral groundwater flow to watershed systems. However, the application of these large modeling platforms outside of the scientific development community remains limited by significant technical barriers to entry. Simulations of this sort require both hydrologic expertise to build and design, but also applied math, data science and computer science to maintain computational efficiency, leverage high performance computing resources, and manage large model output datasets. In this talk I will discuss the integral role of data science in building better models, creating reproducible research and ultimately learning more from our studies.

Dr. Laura Condon

Assistant Professor
Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Arizona

Dr. Condon studies water sustainability and the dynamics of hydrologic systems. Her work combines physically based numerical modeling with statistical techniques to evaluate complex system behavior. She received her graduate degrees from the Colorado School of Mines. Before joining the faculty at the University of Arizona, she also worked in environmental consulting and for the Bureau of Reclamation on projects related to long term water availability in the Western US.